Commercial Solar

Besides the financial tax savings a business can receive from installing solar panels, there are a number of other advantages for generating your own energy for your business.

Other Advantages


Switching to solar is one way to show your customers you care about the environment.


By installing Solar PV, you can eliminate electric utility bill spending and guarantee a low cost of power!


When a business decides to have a solar system installed, jobs are created within their community to complete that job.

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Commercial Rooftop Solar

Commercial systems are typically installed on rooftops of buildings that are almost always flat or have limited pitch. Using expert knowledge of the geographic area, we can design the array pitch angle to make sure it is producing optimal energy. 

  • Commercial solar system installations also have different mounting mechanisms than traditional homes. Commercial systems have different clamp on type bases that are specifically designed for flat/metal roofs.
  • The solar panels used in most commercial applications are 72 cell panels, which is much larger than traditional 60 cell modules used in residential systems and have a higher power output – typically 350 W+ per panel.
  • Rapid shutdown capabilities that bring the DC voltage down to an inherently safe level. Our engineers will help you design a system that meets those requirements.

Commercial Ground-Mounted Solar

Ground-mounted systems are a great alternative for businesses that don’t have roofs suitable for solar panels but have significant amounts of land available. This system also works well for businesses whose solar needs cannot be met by their current roof size. 

  • Using expert geographical knowledge, our engineers can choose the optimal placement of your panels. They will test things like ground compaction to make sure the proper equipment is chosen to avoid any geological problems that may arise.
  • There are two types of ground-mounted solar panels. Pole mounted panels are elevated off the ground and sometimes use tracking systems to tilt them towards the sun. Standard mounted solar panels have metal framing that is driven into the ground to keep them at a chosen angle.

Custom Designed Solar

At Blue Max Energy, we approach commercial solar system design with an engineering first approach. When discussing your system with Blue Max Energy, you will not be talking to a sales person. You will talk to actual licensed registered PEs (professional registered engineers) who have implemented dozens of similar systems throughout the US. They will be able to help you decide if your property is a good candidate for solar and design a complex system to perfectly fit the energy needs of your business.

Commercial solar panels are substantial electrical systems that need expert engineering knowledge. Trust the licensed professional engineers at Blue Max Energy to give you unbiased, independent design studies and help you deliver the ideal system for your facility.

We’ve Been Building For Over 18 Years

Our solar energy panels are easy to maintain and provide long-term benefits, such as lower energy bills and positive environmental impact. We will help you through each step of the process. 

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"I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that."

-Thomas Edison